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We love eating healthy.
We love yogurt & gelato.

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Why choose ‘WeLove DIY’ products? Because they are good for you inside and out!

Using the very best ingredients, our nutrition experts have carefully developed 17 delicious yoghurt and 5 mouth-watering gelato ice cream formulas.

All you need to add is a bit of time and a lot of love, to enjoy fresh and healthy homemade desserts the whole family can enjoy!

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We Love That Goodness Brings People Together.

WeLove Yoghurt and Gelato Mix range comes from scientifically developed formulas with the right amount of live cultures, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to make perfect fresh yoghurt every time. No artificial flavours, colourings or perserves and added, so you can rest assured the great taste comes from 100% natural ingredients.

Made with love, fresh every time!