Where do ‘WeLove DIY’ products come from?

New Zealand and Australia are world famous for their natural environments. Both countries supply fresh drinking milk and a range of high-quality products, including milk, custards, yogurts, and cheeses. This is why we source our powdered yogurts and gelatos locally.

In New Zealand, our climate, clean green pastures, and plentiful water provide the world–class products your family deserves. Kiwi dairy companies have a reputation of supplying only the best nutritional dairy products.

Our Australian and New Zealand teams are experts in the fields of product R&D, marketing execution, international trading and financial structure. We offer constant support and training for all of out distributors and channel partners.

How ‘WeLove’ formula is made.

We take your health and well-being seriously, therefore we must ensure the yogurt and gelato you create in your own home is made over the right period of time and that it reaches the right pH and acidity to ensure a safe and wholesome result. We also test every batch that we make to check it meets our quality control standards.

Our powders must have the right amount of cultures, nutrients, vitamin C and minerals to make the perfect dish every time. We use only natural ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Our range of yogurts and gelatos must also comply with certain technical and quality standards in order to be called safe.

What about the all important taste? We take that seriously too! Our team of experts constantly test and improve our products to ensure they’re just right - and also good for you.

The result is one we are very proud of.

‘WeLove’ Yogurt and Gelato - doing good and feel good inside and out!